“Taste it” Chocolate & Wein


Chocolate is a product with a long history. The Maya are said to be the first to use cacao beans as a semiluxury food. They usually consumed cacao as drinking chocolate mixed with corn, water and spices. Their admiration for this bean went as far as to use it as a currency within their realm.

Nowadays chocolate is a beloved and everywhere available good. However, due to mass production and the focus on a taste suitable for the masses chocolate has lost a part of its uniqueness.

“Taste It” tries to experimentally emphasise the manifoldness of flavours and textures of chocolate. This project aims to facilitate a more conscious approach towards chocolate. Thus, its design is particularly meant for degustation.

“Taste it” consists of three elements. The first one revolves around drinking chocolate. The second element is about taste-pairing. Ordinarily chocolate is combined with different ingredients, but thereby the combination creates a new artificial flavour. As taste it focuses on chocolate and a conscious consumption the chocolate is paired with different ingredients, each one with its own taste, until they naturally mix in the mouth. The user is supposed to become aware that the cacao sets the opportunity for the chocolate to be combined with other flavours and that they are supposed to enhance each other. The design is meant to outline the individual character of each ingredient and the chocolate. The last element is meant for degustation purposes, too. It combines the presentation of chocolate with any kind of liquids. Either for water, in order to quickly cleanse the mouth from any other flavours or for wine.

Photograph: Inga Masche

In cooperation with Die Glasmanufaktur HARZKRISTALL and KAHLA/Thüringen Porzellan.

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